Sometimes naughty is nice,

particularly when it involves delicious sweet treats. Luckily we have plenty,

with home style baked cakes, donuts, slices, muffins and brownies.

Original Foods Baking Co. is a wholesale bakery and proudly family owned business. We’ve been perfecting the art of baking for over 25 years, so at this point our products are dangerously good. We suggest you don’t leave your treats unattended.

Our products can be found in leading supermarkets, quality cafes and catering companies, restaurants and tourism businesses in New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Samoa, Hong Kong and Australia. If you’ve flown with Air New Zealand you may have enjoyed one of our delicious muffins. (unless you chose the veggie crisps…big mistake).


Baking is serious business. We make sure our raw ingredients are
of the highest quality and then work our magic to make them into something even
more delicious. That’s what baking is all about.

The ‘magic’ part is everything we’ve learnt and perfected over the last 25years. We can’t tell you all of our tricks, but one of the not-so-secret secrets of our yummy cakes is freshness.

Our delicious baked goods have a short shelf life because:
a) They usually get eaten immediately
b) They are freshly baked
c) We use quality ingredients
d) They don’t contain many additives or preservatives.

At Original Foods Baking Co it’s our goal to deliver our delicious baking to as many people as possible.
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