Create A Donut Cake

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  • By Sam Mayell
  • February 25, 2016
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1x Original Foods Large Cinnamon Cake Donut 6 pack or Chocolate Yeast Donut 5 pack
1x Packet of Lolly’s we used MnM’s
Chocolate Ganache (See our previous recipe, chocolate cake & ganache masterpiece)


1. Place a small dollop of ganache on serving plate placing first donut on top.
2. Spread the top of each donut with ganache stacking them as you go.
3. Spread the remaining ganache on top and around the side of your wee donut tower.
4. Top with Lolly’s

Nom nom nom….

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  1. TL

    What a fabulous idea! This would be great for a quick and decadent surprise treat for a birthday or ‘just because’ celebration! I love the compact size too. Thanks for the great ideas. Keep them coming.


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